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Sheila Dobson

Nutrition Consultant

Category: Diet And Foods

  • Top Ten Lowest Carbohydrate Vegetables

    Top Ten Lowest Carbohydrate Vegetables

    By Sheila Dobson, NC Vegetables are a key part of most healing diets, however, many people need to reduce carbohydrates even from vegetables. Some people just need to use more low-carb vegetables and less of the high-carb vegetables, whereas others need have almost no carbohydrates. Those following ketogenic diets need to restrict carbohydrates the most;…

  • Mineralizing Teas

    Mineralizing Teas

    Herbal teas can be an excellent source of minerals. The following are some options for augmenting your mineral intake through herbal teas. Instructions on how to make and use each of these teas are given. Herbal teas covered here are: parsley, alfalfa, oatstraw, nettle and hibiscus flower. By Sheila Dobson, NC Parsley Tea Alfalfa Tea…