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Today With a Hair Analysis and Nutritional Balancing Program

I work with people in the Tucson and Phoenix areas, around the US, and also internationally. 

Please Note:

  •  I am not accepting new clients as of 11/25/20 as my practice is full to capacity-- this may change in 2021 -- if you would like me to call you when I am accepting new clients, I will do that; just send me an email or call me and I will add you to my list.
  • Changes have been made as of 11/9/20 to my fees and policy and procedure document. The policies and procedures apply to all clients, however, existing clients continue on at the same fee for retests as currently, until 2021. Also please note the information about how to mail your sample, below in section 3. Thank you!

I offer two options: "Standard" and "Limited"--depending on the amount of support you choose. For fees please see section 3 below.

Included With Your Test:

  • the test and copy of the results
  • my consultation with Dr. Wilson on your case
  • written interpretation of your results and "the program" (individualize recommendations for diet, supplements and other aspects of the program)
  • post-test consultation--usually 1 hour or a little longer
  • email and/or phone support until a retest is needed

To Get Started Follow The Steps Outlined Below:

1. Contact Me:​

email -- [email protected] ss

call -- 602-421-1242 (Arizona Time)

I like to make contact with clients when they begin. I may send you a list of articles to read so you can get an overview of how this works. Also, if you wish, I can send a "test kit" by regular mail, with a paper scale for weighing the hair sample, and the forms and other information on paper. If this is your preference please email me your mailing address.

2. Cut your own hair sample or make an appointment with me to do so.

Hair should be washed the day of, or day before cutting the sample. You can read directions for how to cut a hair sample here. I can provide a sample cutting kit with a scale if you like, though this is not required.

Regarding Hair Treatments

See details on the sample cutting directions sheet linked above. Extra washes or special procedures are needed only for permed or bleached hair, or if you have a water softener.

If you are within driving distance of Tucson or Phoenix, AZ and would like me to cut the sample, I am happy to do so. I will meet you at a cafe or library to do this. I charge a fee of $40 to do so and meet with you briefly to answer questions. I can also meet you in person to discuss your program if you wish.

3. Mail me the sample, forms and payment, or bring these if we meet in person. With each test we need you to fill out forms to give basic information so we can devise your program. First tests use a different form from retests. Those testing for the first time need to also provide the "Member-Agree" document with their signature and the "Request For Services" document with their signature.

Please Note: My current address is: 2412 N Bryant Ave #B Tucson, AZ 85712

Checks should be made payable in my name; Sheila Dobson.

Also PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME CERTIFIED MAIL (mail that must be signed for -- not through regular mail anyway - FedEx and DHL are fine) - this will cause a delay in receipt of your sample. US Mail service will not attempt to deliver this type of mail but will require me to come in to pick it up after a two day delay. Priority mail that does not have to be signed for is fine and usually a little better than regular mail, but often it is no faster.


Please download one of the following, fill out and email or send by regular mail:

Also, all NEW clients need to send the following two documents, filled out and signed.


Please be sure to cut your sample correctly!


Existing Clients -- you will stay on the old fee schedule until 2021.


  • Standard option:
    First test - $250; Retests - $205 (clients beginning in 2021)
    First test - $235; Retests - $195 (clients beginning in 2020 or earlier).
    This fee covers both your test and
    up to 3 hours of support -- until a new test is needed (usually 3-5 months).
  • Limited option:
    First test - $200; Retests - $175 (clients beginning in 2021)
    First test - $185; Retests - $165 (clients beginning in 2020 or earlier)
    With the limited option you receive up to 2 hours of support through phone and email.
  • Children and young adult (up to age 18) – all programs are $165. This includes support of up to 1.5 hours with a reasonable amount of supplement purchases. 
  • Pets: Nutritional Balancing works great for pets also! The fee for a pet test and support is $140. Support time is 1 hour.

In both the Standard and Limited options outlined above, it is assumed that the client is purchasing supplements at a "normal" rate of $130-$180/month. Commissions from clients' supplement purchases are part of the normal compensation of practitioners. 

My Policy and Procedure page explains how adjustments are made to compensate when a client cannot use a normal amount of supplements.

Practitioners offer differing discounts off the retail cost of the supplements. My clients receive a 20% discount.

Discounts: If two members of the same household test at the same time, the total is discounted $15. If three test at the same time, the total is discounted $25. For 4 the discount is $30.

Choosing an option: People tend to differ a lot in how much support they need. If your case is not complex, and you learn well by reading, the Limited support option may work well for you.

Bear in mind, please, that Nutritional Balancing is VERY different from other approaches to improving health. Some people make the mistake of thinking that the program is not working well when in fact it is working quite well. For this reason, it is very important to get enough support to answer all your questions.

Supplements usually total about $130-$180 per month for the average adult (less for children). It is possible to take fewer doses per day to reduce the cost. However, to try to do Nutritional Balancing without the recommended supplements is not likely to work well. Many wish to heal without supplements, however this does not work, in the vast majority of cases. For more about this topic, please read the article Why Take Nutritional Supplements from Dr. Wilson's site.

More information about how my practice operates can be found on my "Policy and Procedures" document.

4. Your Results and Program: It takes about 2-3 weeks from the time I get your hair sample until your program is ready. During the time you are waiting for the program you can start on other parts of the program and I am available to answer questions. After you have reviewed the program, we can set up a time to discuss any questions. This is usually done by phone but may be in person if you prefer.

5. Support: As you progress with your program, email or call me with questions or concerns. Also let me know when there are significant changes in how you feel. I send a request for updates from clients each month so I can stay abreast of their progress. If you utilize this opportunity it can greatly improve progress and communication.

If you Need Additional Support:

The two plans I offer work well for nearly all clients; however if extra support is needed this is offered at $90/hour. Those not on a Nutritional Balancing program with me as practitioner may consult with me for $90/hour and this will include additional email support for 15-20 minutes for brief additional questions or concerns after our initial consultation.

Still have Questions ?

Please feel free to call or email me:

602-421-1242 / [email protected]